Around the year 1990 I had a few clients in taxi and limousine services.  The trends of Internet growth was a good indication that in near future people would order taxi on their computers instead of calling in. Cell phones were still new and I would not imagine that they too will become powerful computers widely available to everyone. I suggested my clients to register names such as or and setup a website. Unfortunately none of them could envision what is coming and ignored my suggestions. I noticed that meaningful generic names are being taken fast and decided to register one for myself or one of my future clients. That is how I came to I thought it is easy to remember and it can be used for any city or any number of cities. It could even be a sales channel or referral service for other taxi companies. 

Starting the year 2000 i became so busy in too many projects that I could not spend any time on I did however maintain it in good standing and was waiting for an opportunity to utilize its value and potential.

Now the opportunity is here and I am offering and for lease to any qualified customer who wants to put it in a good use with unlimited/ life-time renew options. This would be a valuable investment for the lessee and bring some income to my company. Here are some of the terms:

  • The monthly rent for the names and s $300  
  • Annual rent increase of not more than 5% + US inflation rate
  • Optional additional services such as web design and programming services at $75/man-hour
  • Optional email services at $10 per month per email account + up to 10 free aliases
  • Optional additional names such as at $5 per day
  • No deposit or security is required. At least one year commitment and advance payment is required at the beginning of the lease and for all renewals.

To inquire about please call +1(979) 307-1000 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..